Saturday, December 20, 2008

It begins . . .

My friends have always been in pretty good shape. We've been fairly active individuals, but lately we've all been slippin. We are getting older and finding it more and more difficult to make time for working out. Aaron, Jory, Darren, and I are going to attempt this 90 day program and hopefully this blog will keep us motivated. I attempted P90X late last summer, but failed. I could only complete 1 month. I learned that this program takes an extreme amount of dedication. 3 months may seem like a short time, but it's an eternity when your working out every day.

I told Aaron about the program and of course his competitive side kicked in and he wanted to get his hands on P90X immediately. He was asking me months ago about the program, but honestly I didn't think he was up for it. Plus, I kind of wanted to get a head start on him. After only surviving 1 month I realize maybe I was the one who needed motivation.
Aaron and I have been competing since a very young age. I think it's what drove us to be better athletes. Adog has been lifting weights since high school. Recently he hasnt' lifted much, but I know he's on 3 basketball teams and has completed a couple marathons in the past couple years. Despite being in decent shape, I think Aaron has the toughest road ahead. As a newly wed and student of law he will need to learn how to balance his studying, lady time, and this new P90x challenge.

Jory, the youngest guy up for the challenge, has recently expressed the most interest in the program. He seems highly motivated and determined to make a change.

As a kid Jory got some static from his brothers and friends for always sleeping on the couch. Some people went as far as calling him "lazy". Will Jory have the energy to conistently pop in that p90x dvd every day? or will he reach for that "Step Brothers" dvd to start memorizing more Will Ferrell's lines.

Jory definitely has potential to be super ripped. His brothers have proved they have the genetics. Time for Jory to execute.

Darren was on the hunt for a program to kick him in gear. He used to be in great shape. He founded a basketball tournament years ago and reached the pinnacle of his athletic career when he snatched 2nd place in the tournament.

Since our tournament days it's been all downhill. We've played golf together, but I hope that's not a measure of our athleticism. Darren is the only guy who rents a cart to wheel around his golf bag. I guess it's too heavy to carry 9 holes.

I will say he's got a pretty good head start on us. I know he's been committed to the gym the past few weeks. He should be ready to kick it up a notch with P90X.


  1. This just got real.

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