Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Todd's Take on P90X

"My friends and I have all been pretty fit, for the most part, in that we haven't had any major coronary trauma or had to amputate limbs due to late-stage diabetes. We play sports regularly, cramming 6 months worth of basketball into a one day tournament of war-scale aggression, leaving us doubled over in exhaustion or with snapped ankles. Oh, and we once hit the bowling lanes, but negated the exercise by swilling pitchers of beer. Actually, maybe we're not that fit, but we're not fat. (We fluctuate a measley +/-25 lbs here or there)
Basically, we're what you would call 'healthy-unfit.'
And although we've all been indifferent to body-sculpting and have no real experience in proper methods, we've decided to endure an Olympic-style routine, hazards be damned." ~Todd

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