Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Part Everyone Will Screw Up

I guarantee everyone will screw up the protein part of the diet.

Depending upon your level you will need 7 servings of protein a day. Each serving is equivalent to approximately 3 ounces of meat. That means you need to consume 21 ounces of meat a day. Sometimes I'll eat a steak for dinner which is 8 ounces. On this program I would need to eat a steak for lunch and a small one for breakfast. There's no way I can do that. Instead, I'll pound a breakfast protein shake right when I wake up. There's no other way to eat that much protein in a day without having some for breakfast. I've already knocked out 2 servings of protein this morning so I have 15 ounces of meat to eat for lunch and breakfast. The one nice thing about this program is you can eat a lot of food.

If your a level 3, which I believe is the case with Jory and Darren, then you will need 27 ounces of protein a day. I think my friend Hector had the best idea - "Just put some chicken in your wallet".

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