Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Royal Dancer

So I'm still trying to figure out my schedule for doing P90x. I wanted to do it before work every morning, which requires me to wake up around 5am. Believe it or not I can handle waking up that early every day. I gave it a test run for the first week of P90x. I can't work out at my house at 5am because my lady is still sleeping at that time and I don't think she wants to hearing me grunting out hundreds of push ups before the break of dawn. Instead I would have to do these videos at the gym. I went to Best Buy and bought one of those new video ipods. I converted all the dvds and put them on my ipod. I even had room for a few more thousand songs. Sweet.

I went to golds gym last Wednesday and started up the video on my ipod. I could hear and see Tony and I began those silly stretches. Then I looked up and saw a few people looking at me. You see, some of the stretches are something you want to do behind closed doors. A few of the moves on the video I just skipped altogther. I couldn't bring myself to spread my legs that wide in front of people that early in the morning. I just don't think people really wanted to see that.

When I got to a move called the "Royal Dancer", I realized that I couldn't do these videos in public. I hit stop on the video, went straight to the bench, ripped out a few reps, and then hit the showers. I think I heard someone say "looking ripped James Fonda" on the way to my car. I drove straight to Best Buy and returned my ipod.

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  1. Haha! So you're saying you skipped a day's workout?!?! That's not very X like! Haha!

    BTW, It's Jane Fonda... my mom used to use her videos... otherwise i wouldn't know... stop looking at me! It's called the Royal Dancer! It's a legit move!!!! AAAARRRGGHHHH!!!! X