Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Let this be a lesson to us all

It's true. I have fallen off the horse. In an extreme showcase of poor judgment, I chose (while inebriated mind you) to perform one of the most difficult yoga positions that P90X has to offer, the shoulder stand X followed by the diamond shoulder stand X. After several rounds of Kings, I managed to completely disregard Tony's stern warnings to always warm up and stretch before doing any of his workouts for risk of sustaining injury. Lo and behold, the inevitable happened, and I felt and heard a pop in my neck that immediately let me know I was an idiot.

After giving it a few days of rest, I realized that I needed to get it checked out before attempting to X it again.

The doc confirmed that the pain in my neck, back and shoulder all stemmed from my trapezius muscle, which extends over the shoulder cap. I received some treatment and noticed significant results fairly quickly, but minor pains have lingered. I've been getting massage treatments as well which seem to be the best way to get short term relief. However, they are getting rather expensive, and I'm now starting to think I'll just have to live with the pain. Let my mistake be all of our lesson. ALWAYS STRETCH AND WARM UP!

There is a bright side. According to some studies, strength training might be just what I need, and P90X is just about the best strength training I've ever experienced. Maybe getting back on the horse is the only medicine that can bring me back to 100%.

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